Webinar – Pendulum Essentials



Start Time:

07:30 PM

End Time:

09:30 PM

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Learn useful ways to integrate pendulums into your day-to-day life and healing sessions. Ideal for healers and holistic therapists.

A webinar aimed at introducing you to pendulums and teaching some techniques to give you the confidence to start using them in your healing sessions.

This webinar is ideal for all healers (including Reiki), holistic therapists, complementary and alternative practitioners, and anyone interested in learning ways to clarify inner guidance. Pendulums are a great dowsing tool to use if you’re looking for quick and clear visual confirmation! The most common technique is to ask yes/no questions for guidance from your Higher Self, however we’ll delve a little deeper and look at more ways a pendulum can enhance the healing sessions you offer.

Please note that if you can’t make the exact time of the live event, that’s absolutely fine as you’ll receive the recording a day or two later.

We’ll go over useful information along with some practical exercises and so please make sure you have a pendulum with you, or a pendant hanging from a chain that can swing freely.

Some of what we’ll cover:

  • How to choose the right pendulum for you,
  • Energetically preparing yourself for working with the pendulum,
  • Cleansing and recharging your pendulum before use,
  • Programming your pendulum for coherent answers,
  • Checking the functioning of chakras,
  • Checking energetic interference in the chakras,
  • Checking if procedures such as cord cutting have been effective,
  • Using a basic numbers chart,
  • And more!

This is suitable for anyone who has an interest in pendulums and no prior knowledge is necessary. Those using pendulums already are also welcome for more insight.

If you’re registered with a governing body for the modality you work in, check with them as they may well be happy to acknowledge this as CPD (continual professional development).

(Please note that this webinar is designed to enhance your understanding of Pendulums and does not form part of any certified course).

How to book:

Click on the blue “Register” under the image and you will be taken to Eventbrite. Once you have booked through Eventbrite, you will receive an email with the Zoom login details.

Looking forward to seeing you!



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