I’d like to share some natural remedies I came across while doing research for my assignment for a Continual Professional Development Course I’m on with the Healing Animals Organisation. The course requirements include assignments that can be on any common ailments or illnesses found in small animals, so here is what I found for “Worms” and I really hope it helps in some way. (This blog was written in 2017).

“Complimentary Treatment

In the article “Worms Away” on the Dogs First website, they advise this natural alternative to over-the-counter and prescription de-worming: Worms Away by Holistic Hound. It is a herbal solution made up of garlic, wormwood, cinnamon and black walnut leaf, that is said to eliminate intestinal worms such as Roundworms, Hookworms and Tapeworms. It also helps with other parasites, supports the stomach and aids in digestion. It is not to be used in animals who are pregnant, nursing, those with seizures, kidney or liver disease. It is advised to be administered once a month and 3 times during the day with 1 drop given for every 1kg of body weight up to 25kg, then 1 drop given for every 2kg thereafter.

Elizabeth Whiter suggests that feeding small amounts of her K9 Garlic Biscuits or Feline Chive Treats might help as part of a balanced diet, and these recipes are on page 46 of the book You Can Heal Your Pet.

Caroline Ingraham recommends wormwood powder (Artemisia annua) and points out that it has been self-selected by dogs and horses needing to rid themselves of worms. It is very important to offer it separately and not mix it in with the pet’s food, as self-selection suggests compatibility. She suggests offering it in a dry or watery paste for herbivores and mixing it with rice bran for dogs, as they seem to prefer this.

The mobile phone app SpOil Your Pet suggests the following essential oils for dogs under the category of “worms”:

Applying 1 drop of Digestive Blend 1-2 times daily as well as 1 drop of Melaleuca 1-2 times daily. If there are no cats in the home, you can add 1 drop of Protective Blend or 1 drop of Lemon to 2 cups of drinking water. You can also diffuse Protective Blend and Lemon for 20-30 minutes 2-3 times daily, alternating the oils.

This is what SpOil Your Pet suggests for cats, in terms of essential oils:

Diluting 1 drop of Melaleuca in 4 tablespoons of carrier oil and applying one drop of this mixture daily. Apply 1 drop of Lavender and Myrrh 1-2 times daily. You can also diffuse Protective Blend and Lemon for 20-30 minutes 2-3 times daily, alternating the oils.


Besides a routine de-worming program, there are other ways to reduce the risk of your pet becoming infested with worms (or passing their infestation to other pets):

– Clean food and water bowls regularly with a disinfectant.

– In the case of rabbits, you need to remove the droppings from the hutch and avoid collecting greens from areas where wild rabbits and rodents have been.

– Clean up after your pet and dispose of stool carefully, emptying cat litter boxes at least once a week.

– Keep an eye out for dog faeces in your local park where Guardians haven’t picked up, as your dog could become infested from this.

– Pick up your dog’s toy at night and store them in a snail safe container.

– Add garlic to food.

– Stop pets from scavenging carcasses and hunting.


After doing this research, I would personally feel more comfortable using some of the methods under the complimentary treatments as a prevention protocol or when there is one of the more common infestations, but it seems that some of these worms put up a real fight and do require Veterinary intervention with prescription de-wormers. I generally prefer the natural route but one can’t make the animal suffer when a parasite has taken a good hold on their health and natural products just aren’t cutting it.

I’d like to add that the essential oils mentioned in the app called SpOil Your Pet should ONLY be pure therapeutic grade essential oils and it’s intended for use with doTERRA essential oils due to their strict testing process. Please be aware that many essential oil companies claim to be 100% pure and natural, but are not high enough quality to be used as the app intends. An example is a lavender bottle I bought from a very well known health store that is organic, 100% pure etc etc but went off in a matter of months. I still have 90% of the bottle left!


Book: “You Can Heal Your Pet” by Elizabeth Whiter and Dr Rohini Sathish

Dogs First – Worms Away


Caroline Ingraham – Wormwood Powder


Mobile phone App called SpOil Your Pet – by Mia K. Frezzo, DVM and Jan C. Jeremias, MSc.

Note: the contents of this article are merely opinions and meant to be educational but are not intended to diagnose, cure or replace veterinary care. Where there is a medical concern, please seek veterinary attention!

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