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Human Services

I have full insurance to work with both people and animals, and I have an advanced DBS check.

Distant Healing & Clearing Sessions for Starseeds

I am trained in Steve Nobel’s Soul Matrix Healing system and use many of these techniques in my sessions. Each session involves a bespoke synergy of various techniques and modalities to address the core issue raised by the client. This can include looking at other lifetimes, energetic programmes, vows and agreements, chakras, the energy field, and more. For clients experiencing health issues, I have particular experience both personally and with clients in the areas of autoimmune disease, gut health, and women’s health. Please find more info below if you are seeking physical wellbeing.

Done remotely – The full allocated time includes a Zoom consultation and the Healing.

Initial Consultation 1.5 to 2 hours – £222

Follow Up Consultation 1 hour – £122

IMPORTANT NOTE: These sessions are NOT suitable for Starseeds on anti-psychotic drugs, or who have current addictions to alcohol, recreational drugs, porn etc. It is also very important that you contact me before booking a session if you feel you have Black Magic interference. I choose not to work with clients with such interference, however, it is very rare and so I’m happy to ascertain if it is indeed Black Magic or rather an intense psychic attack.

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Please ensure you have disabled any VPN software you may be using. Times shown are your local time zone.

If you are a new client please choose the ‘Initial Consultation’ option when booking. Returning clients can choose the ‘Follow Up Consultation’ option, or if you want a more in-depth session then choose ‘Initial Consultation’ again.
Please note that the whole allocated session time is spent with one client.


Please note there is no charge for rescheduling prior to the booked session, and this can be done by clicking “Manage My Booking” on the Services drop down menu. If a booking is missed due to the client not logging in to Zoom at the booked time, there will be a £50 charge to reschedule this booking, provided it is done so within 24 hours. Should a request for rescheduling be made beyond the 24 hours window of time after the initial booking, an entirely new session will need to be booked.

Distant Healing

As healing transcends space and time, I can “send” a treatment to you/your companion animal in your home while I remain in my practice. There is no need for me to be physically present in the room. You will be emailed the Zoom login details and a reminder of the time you have booked. It is good to have water to stay hydrated during the session, as well as paper and pen for note-taking.

Physical Wellbeing

I have a vast amount of personal experience with various health issues, including managing to maintain being symptom-free of 3 autoimmune diseases for many years. I have supported my body through many gut related problems and avoided several further surgeries for endometriosis. I offer the knowledge I’ve gained through this personal experience to my clients to support them in finding their unique and individual path to recovery and wellness. Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a medical doctor and do not prescribe treatments, rather pointing my clients in a certain direction for them to explore better health options.