Higher Light Decree: Dream State Protection

A track for all Starseeds and Lightworkers to protect themselves and their homes before sleep.

This Higher Light Decree for dream state protection is designed to help you prepare for sleep and is a quicker pace than a regular meditation. We clear interference within and around you, your bedroom and home followed by an upgrade of the various layers of energetic protection. We seal you in a safe space of light, also bringing in shielding to neutralise the force of all lower vibrational energy coming from neighbours and housemates. Specialist dream state guides are called upon to guide you through your dream journeys, keeping your astral body safe. We invoke this Higher Light Decree by calling on the assistance of your Higher Self, your Team In Spirit, Source. Know that the term “Source” is interchangeable with “Spirit”, “The Universe”, “All That Is”, “Prime Creator”, or any other term that resonates with you as the most high.

If you would like to download this track onto your device to be able to play it without an internet connection, then please click the down arrow at the top right-hand side of the SoundCloud window (below the YouTube window).

This track is recorded and spoken by Liz Findlay. The audio version of this track is also available to listen on Insight Timer.

Background Soundtrack for Dream State Protection:

This track includes Binaural beats in the form of delta waves to help induce a relaxed state. It is called “Transcendence” and is composed by Chris Collins on Indie Music Box (indiemusicbox.com). Liz Findlay holds permission as the licensee to use this as a background track on all platforms.

Further Support on the topic of Dream State Protection:

Here is the morning version to listen to before turning on any devices or interacting with people:
Higher Light Decree: Invoking Energetic Protection



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