Express Morning Grounding Protecting Meditation

Start your day with this Grounding & Protecting meditation that you can listen to on YouTube or SoundCloud below.

A short track that can easily be integrated into your morning routine to help set you up for a better day. Grounding is so important for us to be able to stay centred throughout our day, helping us to better manage our energy levels. In this meditation, we anchor into the Earth’s crystalline core and draw this energy up into the body for stability. Energetic protection is essential to make sure you retain your own energy, be less susceptible to energetic interference, as well as provide a barrier to potential energetic attacks. We call on Archangel Michael to bring his Electric Blue Fire of protection as well as his swords to guard your energy fields, keeping you safe for the day ahead.

If you would like to download this track onto your device to be able to play it without an internet connection, then please click the down arrow at the top right-hand side of the SoundCloud window.

This track is recorded and spoken by Liz Findlay. The audio version of this meditation is also available to listen to on Insight Timer.

Background soundtrack:

The background music track for this meditation was composed by Ajit Deshpande with the track title: “Body Rituals”. Commercial Rights License held by Liz Findlay to you this track on all platforms.

Further Support – Podcast:

If you like this track, then you might like this podcast on how to ground your body: 8 Tips For Grounding. Grounding your body can help you both physically and mentally, leading to a boosted immune system and better quality of life. So, I’m offering you my favourite of the tips I’ve tried and integrated into my wellbeing routine.

A Morning Meditation for Kids:

If you like this track and you’re a parent of young children, then you might like this meditation to help them to ground and protect their own energy fields. Specifically helpful for Crystal Children, Rainbow and Star Children: The Crystal Egg – Morning Meditation for Kids



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