Networking: Be Memorable with Liz Findlay and Francesca Zampaglione

My Guest Interview “Networking: Be Memorable” on Francesca Zampaglione’s podcast series called “Office Flip Flops”.

Networking: Be Memorable is a podcast available on all major podcast platforms and you can press play on Spotify here to listen to the audio version.

See what Francesca says about the “Networking: Be Memorable” podcast here:

“How many times have you met someone whether virtually or in person and struggled to remember their name? Better yet, how can we support our personal brand when we’re introducing ourselves so that we’re memorable to others? Today’s guest, Liz Findlay and I discuss how she went from working in corporate to entrepreneurship and creating a memorable brand on her own. Liz provides multi-faceted healing for people and animals. She was not only tasked with creating a brand, but she was also tasked with reinventing and presenting herself to others in a way that people not only remembered her but also how she can help them. With the uptick of live events and socializing these days, Liz provides us with great tips to help us brush off any socializing dust that may have accumulated over the past few years. To continue the conversation with Liz, check out her website. Liz also has a podcast and I was fortunate to be on her show! Check out Liz’s podcast with me HERE on “Networking: Be Memorable”.

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Connect with Liz Findlay:

Website – for more info and to book a Healing/Clearing Session
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Instagram – to follow on social media

Connect with Francesca Zampaglione:

Website – for more info and to book a Confidence Session
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