Starseeds & Imposter Syndrome Podcast

A podcast to support Starseeds through any fear or anxiety about their Soul Mission.

Starseeds incarnate with a Soul Mission to help raise the vibrations on this Earth plane. We are here with specific roles to play with the Ascension process of this planet from 3D to 5D. When arriving on this planet, we pass through The Veil of Forgetfulness. This means we cannot remember all of the wonderful gifts and talents we have to carry out our Soul Mission. This can contribute to Imposter Syndrome as we feel anxiety or even fear along the path. In this video I share some of my own stories, as well as some thoughts to consider to help you transcend Imposter Syndrome. Know that you have many 100’s of lifetimes of experience and you are the right Starseed for the job!

This track is recorded and spoken by Liz Findlay.
Video version on YouTube, Audio version on SoundCloud. See direct play options below.

Music on YouTube Video Version:

Intro Track with title image:
“6021” purchased from Nadeem on Fiverr. Liz Findlay holds permission as the licensee to use this as a background track on all platforms.

Further Support:

Many Starseeds find that blocks and interference in their Throat chakra can work as a sort of roadblock on their Soul Mission / Soul Path. I have a track that can assist in this area and it is called “Throat Chakra Clearing and Activating Meditation”. It is available to listen for FREE on YouTube, SoundCloud and Insight Timer. Find all links HERE.

YouTube – Starseeds & Imposter Syndrome

SoundCloud – Starseeds & Imposter Syndrome

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