Here I am a special guest interviewed by the lovely Paula Kalik from Up Your Vibe, where she inspires her audience to take responsibility for their own health and well-being. The audio version was featured on Coach On Fire Radio Network and you’ll find the video version below. Please note that my practice in Battersea that Paula mentions below is now closed and I am seeing clients remotely on Zoom.

Paula says:

“This show addresses women’s health and Liz walks you through her own health issues and her recovery. Liz is an Energy Healer for people and animals, and it was her own unexpected success story with Endometriosis 8 years ago that put her on this path to help others. Having had extensive surgery for Stage 4 Endometriosis with fibrosis in her uterus, she was advised to have the same surgery every 2 years moving forward. To date she has avoided all further surgeries and lives completely symptom-free, now helping many female clients with the same and similar female health issues. She has a practice in Battersea and does home visits within London, while also offering Distant Healing sessions remotely to clients across the globe.”

Liz talks about;

– What were the symptoms of your Endometriosis?

– I see the surgeon’s prognosis was that you’d need the same surgery every 2 years moving forward, so what was his reaction during your checkup?

– How does Energy Healing work?

– If the Energy Healing got the Endometriosis under control, tell us about what you did with food to reach a point of being symptom-free.

Liz has a favorite quote: “the best way to achieve happiness for oneself is to give happiness to others.” ― David Michie from the book The Dalai Lama’s Cat

Find out more about Liz and her amazing successes, and find out how to book your consultation with her. You can contact Liz here on her website:

If you would like to appear on Up Your Vibe contact me at

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