Water Planet Artwork Transmission

Water Planet Artwork Transmission

A visual artwork track for all Starseeds who have had other lifetimes on water planets. Make sure you watch with the sound on!

If you are a Starseed who is drawn to water, such as lakes, rivers and oceans, then you may well have significant lifetimes on water planets. One such water planet is Artuvia in the star system of Mintaka in Orion’s Belt. If you resonate with having come from a water planet, use this artwork as a Transmission. Watching it emerge, you can open to receive the high vibes from when your water planet has been at its highest vibration of prosperity and joy.

This artwork and voice overlay is by Liz Findlay.

If you are interested in creating artwork like this to nurture your Inner Child, then look for “dual brush pens”. These have one side that is like a thin felt tip pen, and the other side that is similar to a paint brush. This is where I get the colours to blend. You will also need smudge-free black fine liners and I use Pigma Micron (sizes 01 and 05). Apparently the best tape is masking tape as it doesn’t stick to the paper like other tapes do. I didn’t have any so I used recyclable packaging tape.

Background Soundtrack

“Transcendence” composed by Chris Collins on Indie Music Box (indiemusicbox.com). This track includes Binaural beats in the form of delta waves to help induce a relaxed state. Liz Findlay holds permission as the licensee to use this as a background track on all platforms.

Further Support

Many Starseeds can have feelings of loneliness when their “Home” is a planet that no longer exists. Here is a meditation by Liz Findlay that can be of further support:
Beyond Loneliness Mediation

YouTube – Water Planet Artwork Transmission