Heal Your Mind and Body

My guest interview on The Joanne Oswell Jones Podcast.

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See what Joanne has to say about this podcast “Heal Your Mind and Body”:

“An insightful conversation with Liz Findlay on healing your mind and body naturally through diet and lifestyle changes with multi-faceted healing.

In today’s conversation, Liz and I discuss the power of working with various healing modalities such as Usui Reiki to transform you and your life!

Liz began her own healing journey in 2008 after she was diagnosed and had significant surgery for stage four endometriosis. Her surgeon confirmed that this illness would remain with her and that she would need surgery every two years for decades to come.

Searching for answers and determined to take responsibility for her own healing Liz went on a journey of exploration where she was introduced to a healing modality known as Reiki.

She focused specifically on her abdomen for the endometriosis. And although she wasn’t sure at the time if it was working, she did notice how very relaxed and well she began to feel. But still not convinced the healing was working she duly went along for her scheduled appointment with her surgeon.

In short, he was totally shocked and amazed when he could see with his own eyes from the scan that the endometriosis was under control and that no further surgery was needed. To this day, Liz has not needed any further surgery.

Today, along with a long list of accolades and qualifications and a thriving healing practice, Liz helps both humans and animals get to the route of their imbalances – physically and emotionally in order to heal and thrive!

During our conversation, we discussed:

Healing the physical and emotional body via direct communication from the body and making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes needed.

The importance of working holistically and learning to protect yourself from outside negative interference such as a psychic attack, or negative metaphysical portals that can have a damaging impact on your wellbeing and daily life.

The power of healing prayer and meditation.

The use of pendulums and how they provide a diagnosis that is accurate and of integrity, and much more!”

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Dr Hew Len the teacher of The Ho’oponopono healing prayer and technique (I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you)YouTube Video

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Higher Light Decree: Invoking Energetic Protection
Higher Light Decree: Dream State Protection

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