The Dream Dragon – Sleep Meditation for Kids

The Dream Dragon – Sleep Meditation for Kids

A meditation track to help crystal children, rainbow and starseed children go to sleep.

Listen to The Dream Dragon in YouTube or SoundCloud below.

It’s your bedtime and in this meditation, you will meet your very own Dream Dragon. The Dream Dragon helps you clear your bedroom of all not-nice feelings. This helps to make your bedroom feel calm and safe, so you can relax and go on exciting Dreamtime adventures.

Note to Parents:

This meditation is ideal for young kids up to the age of about 8 to help them gently relax and drift off to sleep. It is especially beneficial for crystal children, rainbow and starseed / star children as the content will help to develop their imaginations while giving them tools to use for their own energetic protection. Specifically, the Blue Angel is Archangel Michael, the Protector Angel to come and protect your child’s bedroom as they sleep. The brilliant bright blue fire that the Dream Dragon breathes out is infused with Electric Blue Fire that is both cleansing and protecting.

If you would like to download this track onto your device to be able to play it without an internet connection, then please click the down arrow at the top right-hand side of the SoundCloud window.

This track is recorded and spoken by Liz Findlay.

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Background soundtrack for The Dream Dragon:

The beautiful background music has been composed by Katherine Jameson of VibroSound Healing and is titled “Third Eye” in her Chakra Series. She has given special permission for Liz Findlay to use her track in this meditation across all platforms. This track uses the frequency of the colour indigo with a beautiful combination of Crystal Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, the audible frequency of Oxygen, Gold, Silver. This is paired with intentional rhythms, timbres, tones, textures to create a stable and balancing effect on the mind, nervous system, emotional body and physicality. This music helps the brain enter the Delta wave state, which is optimum for a good night’s sleep. Find more of Katherine’s tracks here: VibroSound Healing



Liz Findlay Healing · The Dream Dragon – Sleep Meditation For Kids with Liz Findlay

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