Networking: Be Memorable

My Guest Interview “Networking: Be Memorable” on Francesca Zampaglione’s podcast series called “Office Flip Flops”.

Networking: Be Memorable is a podcast available on all major podcast platforms and you can press play on Spotify here to listen to the audio version.

See what Francesca says about the “Networking: Be Memorable” podcast here:

“How many times have you met someone whether virtually or in person and struggled to remember their name? Better yet, how can we support our personal brand when we’re introducing ourselves so that we’re memorable to others? Today’s guest, Liz Findlay and I discuss how she went from working in corporate to entrepreneurship and creating a memorable brand on her own. Liz provides multi-faceted healing for people and animals. She was not only tasked with creating a brand, but she was also tasked with reinventing and presenting herself to others in a way that people not only remembered her but also how she can help them. With the uptick of live events and socializing these days, Liz provides us with great tips to help us brush off any socializing dust that may have accumulated over the past few years. To continue the conversation with Liz, check out her website. Liz also has a podcast and I was fortunate to be on her show! Check out Liz’s podcast with me HERE on “Networking: Be Memorable”.

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Website – for more info and to book a Healing/Clearing Session
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Instagram – to follow on social media

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Energetic Protection for Starseeds and Lightworkers

Join Liz & Marysol as they offer support to Starseeds and Lightworkers, discussing the topic of Enegertic Protection.

This is the third episode of Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo’s Talk-Series BE IN THIS WORLD BUT NOT OF IT where Liz Findlay joins in as a guest. In this episode, Liz shares techniques she uses and teaches for energetic protection for Starseeds and Lightworkers. These techniques are especially helpful for these types of sensitive people as they have the tendency to pick up on energies around them and be susceptible to psychic attack. Liz shares examples in her own life of where she’s experienced psychic attack and how she has found what works for her. She feels very strongly that each person needs to find what resonates with them, forming their own routine drawing on many different sources of inspiration for energetic protection. This routine is ever-evolving as one learns more and experiences more.

Links below to watch on YouTube or listen on SoundCloud. There is the option to download the MP3 on SoundCloud to listen later without an internet connection. Click here to listen in Insight Timer.

About Marysol’s Talk-Series:

In this Talk-Series, Marysol talks to like-minded Starseeds, healers, lightworkers, earth keepers, artists and creatives about our soul-journeys, thoughts, feelings and experiences during this time of ascension. Find other episodes on Marysol’s YouTube Channel (below).

Meditation Mentioned by Liz in the Podcast:

A great way to start your day, you can take what resonates with you from this meditation and form your own quicker version of only 5 or so minutes. Feel free to combine some of the techniques mentioned in this meditation with any other grounding and protecting meditation that calls to you: Express Morning Grounding & Protecting Meditation

Energetic Protection for Little Starseeds and Lightworkers:

Liz is passionate about teaching sensitive kids how to energetically protect themselves, rather than relying on a parent or guardian and so she infuses her kids’ meditations with energetic tools. These meditations are especially helpful for Starseed children, Rainbow and Crystal Children and here are some links:
Purple Silver Sparkles – Sleep Meditation for Kids
The Dream Dragon – Sleep Meditation for Kids
The Crystal Egg – Morning Meditation for Kids

About Marysol:

Marysol Ximenez-Carrillo offers sound and energy healing work and combines many wonderful elements, such as her voice, sound and vibration. She also channels Light Language that she brings into effect by singing it intuitively. Check out her website if you’d like your very own channelled Sound Healing Journey!

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YouTube Channel

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Background Track for image slides on YouTube video: Liz Findlay holds the commercial licence for the background track used (Track 22. “Ocean Motion” by Ajit Deshpande).



Liz Findlay Healing · Energetic Protection for Starseeds & Lightworkers – with Liz Findlay & Marysol